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Weapon Control / Prediction

Prediction, ballistic computation, combat system interface and control module for naval guns ranging from 25mm – 127mm calibre.

Weapon Control and Prediction is performed by a multi-function stand-alone electronics cabinet that interfaces between combat management system and weapon for relaying target training and elevation angles for weapon pointing.

Furthermore, Weapon Control and Prediction provides feedback signals for gun position and signals related to gun readiness, misfire and error conditions and performs ballistic calculation based on commanded position, ammunition and environmental variables to determine optimum weapon aim points on surface and air.


  • For 25–127mm guns (MK45 5, 76mm, AK-176, 40mm, 35mm, 30mm, AK-630, etc.)
  • Customized software to support most state of the art naval guns
  • Naval gun fire support for direct, indirect and blind firing
  • Target state estimation, kinematic and ballistic lead angle calculations to control gun position and status
  • Kinematic and ballistic lead angle calculations

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Weapon Control Module