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Triax Three Axis Tracking System

Triax is a versatile and highly effective multi-purpose all weather naval tracking system.

With its superior velocity and acceleration capabilities, Triax is designed specifically to deal with highly-agile anti-ship missiles and can also counter the diverse range of above water symmetric and asymmetric threats that exist today.

This unique construction allows to track targets beyond zenith relative to the ship’s deck even at roll and pitch angles of up to ±25°. Leading edge radar technology fits behind the antenna without sacrificing performance and improving reliability.


  • Multi-role fire control radar against missiles, aircraft and surface targets
  • Superior dynamics for rapid reaction and engagement of high speed targets
  • The third axis located between azimuth and elevation allows fully stabilized target tracking beyond zenith
  • Integrated electro-optical line of sight sensors for passive target tracking
  • Either with X-band or Ku-band radar
  • Missile illumination (CWI) available as option

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Triax Three Axis Tracking System